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With extensive knowledge as financial advisors and certified public accountants, the professionals at Lumsden McCormick utilize a proactive approach to help ensure all pieces of your current wealth care plan work together in a tax-optimized manner. We are prepared to help you in every area of your financial plan and strive to provide the right solutions, specifically suited for you focusing on 10 key wealth management issues as outlined by Avantax Wealth Management℠.  

Tax Planning

Our trusted financial advisors, who are certified public accountants, spend time with you to understand your goals, and then assist in developing an individual strategy leveraging the tax laws to optimize current and future tax burdens.

Asset and Income Protection

Working with you, we will implement strategies to protect assets from illness, unexpected debt, and special situations that may arise.  The importance of this planning cannot be understated as it will affect all areas of your wealth plan.

Business and Succession Planning

Taking a holistic approach, our team of financial advisors and certified public accountants will devise strategies centered around your business, assets, goals for retirement, special situations, and insurance plans.  The plan will factor in all aspects of the personal and business assets making the right decision for you and your family.

Debt Management

Managing all types of debt, whether something predictable like a mortgage or volatile such as consumer-based debts, it is crucial that you are managing your finances in the most tax-optimized way while allowing for sufficient cash flow.

Education Planning

As your family grows it is important to set goals and begin to plan for your heir’s future education needs. If you’ve been saving, a regular review is necessary as markets evolve and the cost of education increases.

Estate and Gift Planning

Proper planning can significantly reduce estate tax burdens for many individuals, and planning strategies often include establishing a trust. With your goals in mind along with offering personal care during this often-emotional time, we will develop a plan, so you can leave a legacy to be proud of.


Illness and injury can happen to anyone at any time. Insurance is a key element of your wealth plan and when you plan for every possibility you can protect your assets and assure the lifestyle you desire.  Remember, as life changes so do your insurance needs, so an annual review is in your best interest.

Investment Management

With careful thought and coupled with all key elements of a wealth care plan, Lumsden McCormick Financial Services will recommend a portfolio customized to your assets, goals, and risk aversion. 

Retirement Planning

However you see your retirement, consistent benchmarking and planning are necessary for you to reach your goals. Lumsden McCormick Financial Services will help you make the most of your investment and retirement vehicles including employer-sponsored plans and IRAs to make sure your income is sustained so you can reap the benefits of years of hard work.

Special Situations

Special situations are any event that change your current circumstances and require action to your investment strategy and estate plan. These situations include marriage, divorce, birth, death, or a large inheritance.  Our team is prepared to guide you through these situations to make sure you are prepared.

Whether starting from scratch or to have an existing plan reviewed, Lumsden McCormick Financial Services is here to assist you.  Contact Jeff Budzinski to learn more and schedule a review. 

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